St Patrick’s Day Designs

St Patrick’s Day is always a riot and I love a good theme (and excuse to dress up.) I’ve been busy adding St Patrick’s Day Designs to my Etsy shop. I would love to add them to this website too but honestly it is so time consuming to add them one by one here too and I’ve only got a few days left where I can make these and ship them out in time as my husband and I leave for a wedding in Cabos on Friday (not a bad problem to have I know.) So if you’ve stumbled upon this post and like any of these designs please go my Etsy shop to see more options of each design. Maybe next year I can make some of these for women too. I’m thinking of making a couple for my girlfriend and I for when we do the Shamrock Shuffle Race in Chicago on April 2nd. Either the Chirish Flag or the LOVE Shamrock design perhaps. I already got us a couple of shamrock tutus to go over our running capris 🙂

I’m not Irish but I am from England and grew up going to Irish pubs particularly when I lived in London in Archway. The Irish pubs always had the best atmosphere and rousing music (and lock ins). When I moved to Chicago 10 years ago I was surprised to see just how much of a big deal it is here with dying the river green and all the parades but as I found out their are a lot of Chicago dwellers with Irish roots.

My eldest was born on March 18th so was almost a St Paddy’s baby, it was hilarious driving through downtown Chicago to get to Northwestern hospital St Patrick’s day 2011 when labor started. A sea of green revelers to check out on our way. So things have changed a little since than as far as drinking green beer all day goes and now I’m more interested in planning birthday parties for him.

But good times and good memories. Slàinte!


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