Holographic Rainbow Designs

Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

DecoSparkle ColorsI am loving the new Holographic Rainbow material that I found for my Rudy Ludy designs. It is sparkly and reflective and looks different depending on the light. As I am cutting out of rainbow stripe material, the graphic is always placed slightly differently within the color bars so no one shirt is ever identical. I have started using it for two new designs, firstly the Grateful Dead Rainbow Dancing Bear and then the personalized Rainbow Unicorn. The brand name is DecoSparkle, I purchased it from a company called Specialty Materials.

They have all kinds of fun materials in different colors, so are perfect for children’s clothing. Next up I want to make a dragon shirt in the Green Deco Sparkle, the possibilities are endless!

I cut the material on my Silhouette Cameo, it is thicker than most Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) so I use a separate blade every time so as not to blunt my blade for the more standard HTV’s that I mostly use.

I found these Silhouette settings work perfectly after some trial and error:
• Blade – 5  • Speed – 8  • Thickness – 15  • Double Cut

You must always cut HTV with the material flipped (outer material stuck onto your cutting mat, glue side facing up) which means you also need to flip (mirror) your graphics. When you press it onto your shirt set your heat press to 300° F and press for 10-12 seconds. Wait for it to cool before peeling.

Specialty Materials recommend to wash the finished shirts inside out in cold water or a gentle cycle and then tumble dry at a low heat. I prefer to air dry the ones I made for my boys. They are growing like runner beans so this way they will shrink less too. I’ve washed my eldest son’s Rainbow Bear probably 7 or 8 times now and it always comes out perfectly.

I’ve had nothing but good reviews on durability from my customers and friends who have bought either design.

Happy Birthday to Lanna who will be wearing her unicorn shirt at her birthday party tomorrow night. The design was inspired by her love of unicorns and she was a fabulous model for the photo shoot. Thanks for the super sweet comment on Facebook Martha! (Lanna’s mom):

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt! We get stopped and complemented on it all the time! It’s the perfect shirt for a fun loving girl!

I am open to any ideas if you have a custom Holographic design in mind. I can’t wait to make more super cool creations with this material. Just send me a message via the contact page if you have something in mind. Party on rainbow warriors 🙂