Glow Party T-Shirts

Happy New Year 2018! It’s still January so even though it’s super late into the month I can still say that right?! I am proud to report that my sales increased last year by 300% from what they were in 2016. In this new year I’m hoping to double that again. I am focusing on extending the lines that sell well, offering more design options and color choices. The best sellers of 2017 on my Etsy shop were my Glow Party T-shirts. I started out making them by cutting neon Heat Transfer Vinyl and pressing it onto black T-shirts, giving the neon text a striking contrast against the black background. Light and neon colors will glow under blacklights which they use at Glow Parties. The neon colors look pretty bright under regular light too. It seems that “Glow Parties” are getting more and more popular, my kids love anything that glows or lights up, and I’m quite fond of glow sticks myself so it’s not that surprising!

The first shirts I listed have a lot of customization options, so I always send a mock up for the customer to approve before making them. You can choose between 3 font styles and have up to 3 layers of neon colors. I made “Birthday Girl”, “Birthday Boy” and “Let’s Glow Crazy!” listings but as everything is custom made to order you can have the text say anything that you want.

I was getting more and more requests from customers for the neon text to be on white shirts, so I added that option next. I just added neon shirts in the last week in neon yellow, neon green and neon pink. So the new designs listed this January are extra extra bright. I have a few new designs, “It’s my Party and I’ll Glow if I want to!”, a new font for the “Lets Glow Crazy” neon options and a reworked “Party Time”. The newer designs are simpler (one color on the neon shirts) so more cost effective for the customer than the 3 color options and much quicker for me to make.

“Party Time” was an original design I did back in 2013 and printed onto neon shirts. It was inspired by the Phish song called, you guessed it, “Party Time”. I’m not sure if I subconsciously picked out the neon colors because of how much I love the glow stick wars and light shows at Phish shows but lets pretend that I did as that makes for a better story. It was not intended to be for birthday parties (more for fans taking their kids to shows) but people kept asking for them to be customized for their birthday parties so I realized this was a niche worth exploring. “Party Time” was already a surprise best seller and then led to this new line of best selling t-shirts as people were searching for neon shirts for glow parties, finding Party Time and asking me to make new versions with other things written on them. It’s funny how things come about sometimes! So today I added a new “Party Time Glow Shirt” listing with included the addition of a custom name and number on the back. Glow Stick War image ©Justin M. Zoll

Making all of these Glow Shirts has inspired me to book a Glow Party for my son Archie’s 7th birthday at “Pump it Up” this year! I have already made him and his brother their Jack shirts of course! I will follow up with a post after the party in March with photos of how they look under the blacklights. See all of my Glow Party Shirts on my Etsy shop.