Glow Party T-Shirts

Happy New Year 2018! It’s still January so even though it’s super late into the month I can still say that right?! I am proud to report that my sales increased last year by 300% from what they were in 2016. In this new year I’m hoping to double that […]

Lets Glow Crazy! Glow Party T-Shirt

Phish Inspired Designs

Phish Inspired T-shirt Designs

I am inspired by many things, one of which is music and the culture that surrounds it. I love seeing the band Phish live so have been creating designs inspired by them recently. Octopus Drummer The first one I designed is called “Octopus Drummer”.  The pattern used on the Octopus […]

Valentine’s Day Outfits for Babies and Kids

I’ve put together some of my favorite heart themed designs as Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. I’ve always used a lot of heart motifs in my designs (and stars!). They are fun, bold and graphic, suiting the Rudy Ludy Brand perfectly. Here is a selection of T-shirts and Onepieces […]

Heart Breaker T-Shirt